I just flew to LAX and opted out of the backscatter machine. It was kind of stressful, having never been through a pat-down before, and I didn't realize they'd ask me to take everything out of my pockets (and take my wallet so they could run it through the X-ray machine). I ended up leaving before they returned my… » 4/11/12 7:16pm 4/11/12 7:16pm

I've always really wanted to love Jawbone — I bought the first and second generation headsets when they came out — but I've always been disappointed, probalby because of all the fuss they made about the noise cancellation that didn't match my experience (remember that video of the guy in the windy car?). » 4/11/12 7:00pm 4/11/12 7:00pm

I don't know about other Ikea stores, but the one in Elizabeth NJ has an "as-is" section where you can get assembled (and usually chipped/scratched/etc) furniture at a pretty steep discount (20%-80% depending on the condition). If this project strikes your fancy, you'd probably also enjoy hunting for bargains and… » 4/11/12 6:57pm 4/11/12 6:57pm

Wow, talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. If you have a finite number of days, you feel well within your rights to use those days. If you are salaried, and can take off as much as you want, you'd be far less likely to use as many days because each day you take would probably be perceived as being "less devoted" to… » 4/09/12 11:18am 4/09/12 11:18am

I asked my in-laws to buy me a CostCo gift card after reading about this trick a while back (I'm pretty sure it was on LH, too), and when they went to buy it, they double checked with the management that I'd be able to use it, who they said I had to be a member even if I had a gift card. So it might be worth checking… » 10/25/11 6:58am 10/25/11 6:58am

I still don't get the "walled garden" metaphor. The qualities I associate with a walled garden include beauty, order, a relative absence of undesirables things like weeds, and attention to detail. If owning an iOS device is like getting access to a "walled garden", it sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. » 10/18/11 8:57am 10/18/11 8:57am